hedge maze

I guess everyone that lives on the East Coast goes apple picking every year. This is actually my third year going (the last two years we went to Outhouse Orchards in NY.) The apples aren’t really cheap but you get to eat a lot of donuts and wander through the trees and think about the funny families that run these things every year. This year since we are in Boston we went to Honey Pot Hill Orchards which is massive! We had to pay for a hayride to take us to pick pears.

These are our friends Jonathan and Ashley who moved from NY too! Dave is in the same program with Jonathan.


Picking pears

Crazy looking apple trees

Do you know what I have never seen at an apple orchard? A hedge maze! Seriously, the best way I’ve spent 3 dollars in a long time. I loved hearing everyone talk about Harry Potter since I was thinking it too and how it was really stuffy, humid in the hedges and it was really fun wandering around and running into people.

We made it to the middle pretty fast though

I forgot to take a picture from outside to the maze (which was the coolest looking part) so I stole this pic off of someone’s flickr.