broadway bomb + wtc

Last weekend we drove down to NY with two of Dave’s classmates for the Broadway Bomb. Dave’s classmate Liz is from California and was really excited to do it which I thought was great. We drove down early and kind of watched them do the race (I saw Dave go past us on 96th street and I never saw Liz) then we ate at Zaitzeff with Hyeku (!) then to the WTC to walk around the big memorial fountains then to shop kind of then to walk the Highline then to eat at Spice and then to drive home. I’ve never been more tired. The weather was so nice in NY and when we were walking around those big fountains the sun was hitting the glass buildings and it was really hot.

I’m really glad we got to see the memorial fountains up close. I enjoyed running my hands across the names as we walked around them. There is something about reading a person’s name that really brings them to life for me. I thought it was kind of hilarious to be walking around in there because a) dave has showed me the plans for these grounds for months and months and it felt like we were walking inside of a picture b) it took so much effort to get in there and once you were inside you felt like you might have just entered the celestial kingdom. Everyone was walking around, talking quietly, and the whole spot was isolated from the rest of the touristfest outside.