I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately thinking about all the things we have to do before it gets cold. We accomplished some good things this past week! I was really excited to get a call from Brooke on Sunday and find out that they were staying at our house for the night. I felt bad because they had a rough day in NY and had some plans fall through but things worked out and they saw so many things while they were here.

The first few pics are from Beacon Hill which is one of the coolest neighborhoods I’ve ever walked through. I need to go back there soon.
Tuesday I went to Walden Pond with our visiting friends and it was so great. Definitely was way above my expectations.
We ate at the Barking Crab which was so expensive with ridiculous portions. I don’t think I would like to go back again.
We attempted to celebrate Harvard’s 375th anniversary which really was a mud bath because of all the rain. I’m still feeling really bad for the organizers who had their event ruined by the rain but I love hearing a choir sing as we walked into Harvard Yard and listening to Yo-Yo Ma perform. We also ate tons of chocolate and apple cider and a piece of the big H cake. At the end of the night, I made a sad choice and stepped into mud that swallowed my shoe.
I liked this pumpkin made out of soda boxes we saw at Shaws last night.
Last picture (out of order) The Harvard Library stairs looked awesome