new things

I’m really thinking that I could live here for a really long time. Of course, it’s still nice fall weather and living here a long time would mean that all of my family/friends would have to move here to make it complete. New things I’ve been into since moving here include:

Watching the New Girl
Listening to the Freakonomics Podcast
Grocery shopping at Market Basket (which reminds me of grocery shopping at Smith’s in Provo)
Walking to the post office at Inman Square to ship packages (we’ve been selling a lot of stuff lately)
Listening to our neighbors throw their recycling in the bins by our window
Listening to our neighbor that has a squeaky bike ride into the courtyard
Living on the first floor which is so convenient! I love having the delivery people buzz us and being able to open the door and walk in my socks to see who it is
Making blankets with all my extra cotton fabric for Project Linus:

And yes, even thinking about the new friend that will be joining us in the spring. This is when it was only 2 months old. Last time we saw it, it was really wiggly and looked so big! Dave is excited to find out the gender so we can stop calling it, it.