halloween and other things

The chilly weather has arrived in Boston and I’m not super excited about it. Although that does mean that they have turned our heat on and our apartment smells like radiator which I love. I haven’t quite figured out how this works but our floors seem to be heated in certain spots! Like right next to my side of the bed there is a circle of wood floor that is super warm. Sometimes our bathroom floor feels heated too.

A few weeks ago we watched some of the Head of the Charles events. There were a lot of booths with free food along the river and lots of colorful teams practicing and competing. Dave saw the more intense stuff after church on Sunday while I was at VTing. He even saw two boats get into a fight with each other!

Yesterday Dave played ultimate frisbee with a bunch of kids from the Harvard Public Health school. They didn’t beat Harvard Law School and beat the Harvard Design School after I left because I was freezing.

Cambridge Commons is a pretty great park.

It’s funny to see this kind of stuff when your at the park just hanging out.

Halloween night we went with our friends who have a little boy to go trick or treating. We ate a bunch of candy at their house and went to a few super nice houses and then to Crescent Street where the entire street is shut down and decorated for Halloween. This year the theme was a halloween circus. I really liked all the projected monsters on the different houses. We bought ice-cream after and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas which is a perfect transition from Halloween to Christmas.

The Saturday before Halloween we went to a really fun costume party. There are 3 apartments in this building and one set of friends has the first floor and the other set has the second floor. The third floor belongs to this old lady from Italy who apparently is there right now and may not be coming back? So the entire house, staircases and all, was decked out with Halloween decor. I was super impressed.

Go here to see all the impressive costumes from the party
Go here to see the amazing decorations.

I had been thinking I wanted to be a cloud for a long time and then Dave had the idea to be Steve Jobs like 2 hours before the party so we merged our ideas for Steve Jobs and the iCloud. Looking at the pic I just look like a poofy marshmallow.

So I sat in front of this fireplace all night, thinking it was a fireplace. Only when were leaving did I realize it was there TV stand/bookcase turned into a fireplace.

We had a nice view of the donut string eating

And afterwards we went downstairs to meet Courtney’s cat and listened to nice music. I really enjoyed watching half dressed Gaddafi sing and enjoy the music.