peter pan, cape cod, songs

I fell for all the advertising I’ve seen for Peter Pan the past few months and bought us 1/2 price tickets on Goldstar. The show was inside a tent and had all sorts of great flying and 360 degree screens going on. We really liked the puppets, especially the crocodile made out of coat hangers. I think the story was closer to the original (than the disney movie) and Tink was definitely a brat.

Afterwards we ate at Saus -fries and waffles! That Union Oyster House restaurant on the side is the oldest operating restaurant in the US and has the cutest gift shop.

Leaving Saus we walked through a Holocaust memorial that is really powerful. Each glass tower was etched with millions of numbers and there was mist coming up from the ground. I’m still trying to understand that whole thing in my mind. Some things are so evil and so terrible that it’s hard to even believe that they happened.

The leaves on our street are really vibrant this week

Friday we took a little road trip to Plymouth (1 hr away) and Cape Cod (the tip is 2.5 hrs away from here.) It was so so cold outside that I couldn’t even think straight to make decisions. I felt really grateful for our car and for a car heater that works many times. This is the Mayflower II. I asked Dave if anyone had ever done something like pioneer trek with the Mayflower and it turns out they have! It took them over 2 months.

This is Plymouth rock.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened was Dave realizing we could stop in Wellfleet to see the original location of the Montara lighthouse. Turns out that the lighthouse researchers couldn’t figure out where the Mayo Beach lighthouse went and just figured out 3 years ago that it was in CA. This is the lighthouse keeper’s house.

We made it all the way to Provincetown which was so cool! But it was so dark at 4:45. We couldn’t climb the random tower in the middle and we just drove around and left. We’ll have to go again another time.

Last night we went to a fun music night where everyone played really great cover songs on the guitar and ukelele. Here are some of the songs I’m bookmarking for later