painting and christmas

Last week’s theme was getting our apartment painted. Our property owners said they had a painter and would do it for us. We even chose the colors! The sad news is that my painting skills > his painting skills. There was paint on the floor, on the shower curtain, on the window screen (??), and the trim. So I guess free comes with a price.

And we kind of chose a weird celery color for our bedroom. But I guess it’s okay?

Friday night we went to a Messiah sing-a-long at the Belmont Chapel by the temple. I liked singing the Hallelujah Chorus and listening to everyone else sing all the other songs. Turns out I don’t know any of that music.

Today I went over to Newbury Street for a nice walk. I think the Jack Wills store is the coolest.

Prudential Center in the distance. (Home to the only Paradise Bakery on the East Coast!)

Inside the Boston Public Library! Which actually might be prettier than the NYPL!

Saturday night I went with Liz and Merrill to a Harvard Glee Club/Radcliffe Choral Society concert at Memorial Hall. This awesome building is down the street from us. My dad really liked it when he came.

They told me to stop taking pics after I had taken these two.