Turns out that Boston/our ward/our stake has tons of activities for Christmas. I’ve made these cookies twice and the second time I didn’t have chocolate chips but I did have peppermint kisses. Best combo ever. Chocolate, peanut butter, and peppermint! I brought them to a pot luck that Dave’s TA had at her house for their class. Afterwards we watched the Christmas Devotional from 2010. I don’t know if this happened to anyone else but it said 2011 and we watched the whole thing only to find out it was last year’s devotional. Shoot.

A big tradition here is wreath making. I helped make stuff for the activity and I liked that Kate went all out on the decorations. There was a really nice program too that made me think more about the story of christ’s birth and the how magical it is when you have a new baby. A few of our friends that are in Dave’s class at school came which was really fun. We all left with giant, nice smelling wreaths.

Free pics with Santa at the ward christmas party. The ones with the little kids are so cute! This Santa is from our ward and starts growing out his beard in the summer.

We went for a little drive around Somerville to look at the lights because they do an Illuminations trolley tour ever year so we figured they must be good. We found a few that were kind of entertaining but probably not trolley worthy.