three part vacation & new years

This is going to be really long. And all of the pictures are mixed up so here’s an overview –

From Dec 17 -21 we were in LA visiting Tanner and Brynne
Then we got a rental car and drove down to Newport and up to Clovis
From Dec 21 -25 we were in Clovis visiting Dave’s family
Then we drove from Clovis to Carlsbad
From Dec 25 – 29 we were hanging out with my family in Carlsbad
Then we drove back to Long Beach and came home.
We were here for New Year’s Eve.

Just so you know, this post has 77 pictures. And the captions don’t show up in google reader so you have to read it on my site.

To end the trip, I got a really sore throat and then everyone in my family got sick.