These pics are from the HSPH Winter Ball at The Harvard Club. Dave looked great with his bow tie.

I spent days looking for a pregnant + modest dress. Finally found a simple, classy Michael Kors dress at Marshalls. We discovered that our camera was on a bad setting at the end of the night. So a lot of these pics are really dark.

We danced to a lot of great songs. I feel like there could have been more good songs but the DJ wasn’t the greatest. I can’t dance to Spice Girls or Oh Mickey anymore.

Our first pretty winter storm! We woke up, watched Money Ball, and went for a walk.

Megan is here! And I love seeing all the stuff she’s doing. We went to the Boston MFA together on Martin Luther King Day.

One night I sorted through all the baby clothes from Dave’s sisters. It was really fun.

So it’s the end of January. I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant. Crazy. Typing that made my stomach drop. This weekend we’re headed to Quebec City and next weekend I’ll be in Utah for a couple of days. Let us focus on that instead.