We survived our trip to Quebec! I’ve looked through the pics really fast but haven’t picked out ones to post yet. Dave has been posting some on his site. Would you believe that all of that snow behind us is actually the icy St. Lawrence river? We took a little ferry boat ride to Levi so we could have a nice view. I realize that I look like a puffy marshmallow and we’re matching. It was a pretty tough little trip but I’m very glad that we went. I’ve been thinking a lot about how people survive and enjoy life in cold climates and wondering if I could handle it. (Maybe with some snow pants, more layers for my legs, and better gloves I could do it) A huge highlight for me was seeing a little girl wrapped up in plaid blankets and being pulled around on a sled at the winter carnival. People do survive and enjoy really cold weather!

I’m headed to Utah for a few days and I’ll post more pics when I get back.