I hope this post doesn’t make you too cold just looking at it. I think we are bundled up in every single pic! We spent most of our time outdoors besides the driving, naps at the hotel, and a few indoor activities. Winter in Quebec City looks and feels like a french fairytale (I was always saying french disneyland but fairytale is probably a more enjoyable description) I didn’t post some of the pics because Dave has been editing them and posting them on his tumblr. This post is more a picture dump and the story of our trip.

(oh and once again, the captions don’t show up in google reader. Someday I will look into that)

Overall the trip kind of feels like a dream in my mind. We were only gone for a total of 48 hours and we went to this place where everyone speaks french and everywhere we went looked straight out of children’s christmas book . We drove the 7 hours home and crashed into bed and woke up to realize that we really did go! We had all these pics to prove it. I would like to go back in the summertime.