This is what tired + pregnant looks like:

My Aunt Jan and Aunt Marcia (and Kimber and Mandy and everyone else who probably helped) had a really fun shower for me while I was in SLC. Sadly, we didn’t take any pics. It’s always a struggle between enjoy the activity and take pictures and this time enjoy the activity won. My Aunt Jan’s house looked perfect for Valentine’s day and I loved eating tons of the food that I have missed (chinese chicken salad, fruit, homemade rolls with homemade jam, sugar cookies, etc) My suitcase was 75% baby clothes going home.

Also a fail, not taking pics with hayley, joe, ashley, and joe and brooke and david and anyone else I saw. I will do my best to remember all the activities in my mind.

Less than 8 weeks to go! I feel a mixture of excitement and sadness. Excited to have a baby, sad to think this year of living in Boston is almost over, but really excited to move back to NY!, and sad to have to think of a new place to live and moving and so many unknown things. Like what will it be like to have a baby? Will we be really lame? I’m especially sad to move away from a) our ward and b) our neighbors. I can’t say enough great things about our ward so I will skip to our neighbors. I don’t think you realize how valuable they are until you move away from home. A few days ago I took some stuff downstairs and when I tried to get back into my apt, my key wouldn’t go in. Two of our neighbors have lived in this building for years and years, like their kids grew up here. One of them was in the hallway and then the other one and everyone was helping me to get the door open. Offering to climb through my window and trying to loosen the lock. I think it’s just really nice to know that there are people around you that are nice and make your new place of living feel like your home.