I have a running list of projects and things going on and I keep waiting until I finish those things to write a post. Obviously, that list will never end and I should just write about what’s been going on. Mainly it’s all about baby stuff – buying things, thinking about things. It’s also about where we are going to live in NY, what rotations Dave is going to do, and what’s going to happen in the next few months. My biggest accomplishment this week is finishing all 11 seasons of Frasier. I didn’t mean to finish and didn’t think I wanted to until I discovered that I didn’t just watch that show when I was younger because there was nothing else on. I actually like it. Niles Crane is hilarious. Other things that have happened –

Rachel and Courtney made curry at our house and we all hung out and ate it. (Megs came later)

I told Dave I wouldn’t post this picture but I am. We bought a stroller on his birthday and he’s pretty proud of it.

We also went to Bunker Hill.

Dave took this gross picture of me when I was grumpy and sleeping but it shows two things – pregnant me and my other accomplishment for the week, finishing Steve Jobs’ biography. He didn’t seem to have a conscious yet he’s done so much for technology and making our lives better that I still like him. I really enjoyed learning about Apple and Pixar.

Megan and I went for a beautiful drive up the coast, visiting Nahant, Marblehead and Salem.

This is Nahant. Megan took a lot of pics that I can hopefully steal from her.

When my Dad was here we drove around Marblehead but we didn’t ever drive by this park with the Marblehead Light. It was so windy but really warm. I can’t wait to go back!!

Yesterday we had a really fun baby party! A bunch of friends in our Cambridge ward went all out with a circus theme. I will post lots of pics another time but here are a couple. Ever since I had a frozen banana in CA over Christmas, I have been thinking about them. These ones were just as good.

Our friend Courtney painted this for the party! Now it’s in our hallway, hopefully I can figure out a way to hang it up!