more things

Things that Megan has blogged about – our trip to Nahant/Marblehead/Salem and some baby shower pics.

These cinnamon roll muffin things were amazing. Especially after our little kayaking trip on the Charles River. Hopefully Megan has some nice pics of that.

I made chubby stuffed stars for my friends having babies. I used nylon, swishy material that I bought at an FIT fabric sale.

We went for a drive to Castle Island a few sundays ago.

Dave finally had his helicopter lesson! The instructor was really nice and let me listen to the on the ground portion of the lesson and then I got to watch them take off.

On the steps of Bunker Hill Monument.

One of the pics of the view.

Almost 38.5 this week. I keep feeling like I have a lot of stuff to do in the next few weeks and then I remember the main thing – having a baby.