due date

Well tomorrow is April 13th. Pretty crazy. Every few hours I think maybe I’m going into labor? Nope, just hungry. Nope, just the baby moving. Nope, nope, nope. There is nothing exciting to say about our lives except that soon we shall have a new friend. Dave got a new camera a few weeks ago and it’s pretty fun to use. I took some pics of the baby’s drawers. Baby clothes are really the most fun little things ever. They are fun to fold and fun to look at it and so colorful. I haven’t taken a pic of the cradle yet because it’s full of stuff. I guess we’ll clear it out when she needs to sleep in it.

I think having a baby in the spring is the best choice. I got to wear lots of clothes to cover my pregnant body all winter. I really didn’t get that hot (except that these old apartments with radiators can get pretty hot but we just opened all our windows when that happened.) As you get closer to your due date the weather and the trees seem to get excited with you. And I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go to swimming and stuff by June.

I wonder if our baby will recognize all the TV friends I’ve made over the past 9 months. Netflix helped me survive working from home this year. Favorite shows I’ve watched:

Pawn Stars (currently watching)
Storage Wars
DC Cupcakes
Some of 30 Days
Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta (I watched the normal one on the bus rides home from FIT last year)
News Radio
And some Office, Arrested Development, etc.