first weeks

I guess it’s about time I post some pics. It’s really hard to do things one handed but Alta is taking a little nap and I decided pics > doing the dishes. I had no idea that getting anything done at our apartment would be so difficult. I guess that’s partly because Dave has been doing stuff for finals for the past few weeks + looking for apartments. (We may have some great news about the apartment hunt but I don’t want to jinx it by saying anything until all the paper work has gone through)

(ps captions don’t show up in google reader)

I have lots more pics and videos to post but this is a start. I have to say that I fully agree with pregnancy/labor/first week forgetfulness. I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to wait for 9 months, what contractions feel like, and that breastfeeding was impossible in the beginning. Oh and that I was sore and I couldn’t walk very fast for a long time. I now understand how people can have more than one child although this lack of sleep thing is crazy.