Baby Stuff Update

Well, it’s been 3 months. Time for another one of these? Alta is screaming and trying to fall asleep at the moment so I can promise you we don’t have things totally under control here. But here are some things-

Sleeping Bags – we love them! After swaddling, I wasn’t sure what to do for blankets. Sleeping bags are the best! We have 4 different ones. Aiden and Anais Muslin – great for summer/warm weather sleeping, Grobag – we got a 6-18 month one and it’s huge! but really well made and cozy, Halo Sleepsack – Dave commented that this one looks like it came from Walmart. The material is kind of cheap, fleecy feeling but they’re not the worst. I guess what I’m saying is for free they are fine, I would rather have the other brands though. Violet’s Peapod – I feel really lucky that we got one of these for free off the parent’s list. So cute and so nice. For a second, I stopped putting her in these for naps because she had so many blow outs and I was washing them all the time. But THEN I discovered an added bonus. When you put your baby in one of these, they can’t get their legs tangled in the bars! So you don’t have to buy crib bumpers.

Highchair – I know you’re going to want one of those awesome Oxo Sprout Chairs but they are so much money. How about this 20 dollar Ikea Antilop highchair? I was totally against it but Dave talked me into it. And so did Alta when she smiled sitting in it at Ikea. I made a wipeable cover for the cushion (which was the chair’s only sad thing) and it’s great.

Bibs – Get wipeable ones. We have Baby Bjorn bibs which are cute and great except she can’t wear any clothes with them on because food gets all over her sleeves. Next time we’re at Ikea, I’m buying these. Those IKEA bibs didn’t work either. Best strategy is Bjorn bib with no clothes until they figure out eating a little better.

Jolly jumper – the new bouncy seat in our lives. (We still have the bouncy seat out but it doesn’t get much use. I do enjoy watching her wriggle down and kick the toys with her feet. I think it will go into storage next week. ) I bought this from someone on Craigslist and it’s worth all 40 dollars that I paid for it. She started using it once she could control her neck and head (around 3.5ish months) and now she spends like 45 minutes to an hour in it everyday. (sorry to the neighbors downstairs. I did try putting socks on her but she slipped and hated them) It does take up some space but our door frames are too narrow for normal door jumpers and watching her jump and go nuts while listening to Lemonade is worth it. And it totally wears her out for naps

Baby Bjorn carrier – we bought this off someone and once again, money well spent! Alta cried every time I put her in the Ergo so we decided to try this one out. It’s different because instead of the baby wrapping their legs around you (which seemed impossible for tiny baby legs) they dangle in front of you. I can’t tell you how many hours Alta spent face forward, gnawing on the front, and kicking her legs like crazy. She’s starting to get a little too tall, heavy for it so we’ll be moving on to our Ergo soon!

Pacifier- Yep things have changed here. Pacifiers for every nap. It sure beats bouncing her until our arms fell off or trying to nurse her to sleep. Currently, we don’t give one to her any other time. Just for naps. I didn’t do any research on what ones were best but we used these and now these.

Teddy Bear Fleece – everyone recommended getting this for winter time. She wore it the entire time camping and it even survived a minor blowout. (Nothing like wiping something down with some wipes and calling it good) Turns out she hated this after wearing it a couple of times.

Patagonia Infant Bunting – We haven’t used this yet but it’s adorable!! We bought it from someone in the neighborhood for half the price. I saw them on eBay too. This one is the real winner! It’s not tight so you can layer stuff underneath if you need to. She wears it everyday. And, bonus, it fits under the first patagonia suit I mentioned! The down bunting is slightly bigger so you can wear them together.

Solid foods – this is our main focus in life right now. I started introducing the idea of food around 5 months. I gave her little pieces of banana and avocado just for fun. Around 5.5 months we got the highchair and I nursed her normal and then put her in the chair for some mashed bananas or apple sauce. We didn’t really start going for it until her 6 month appt last week and it’s still a work in progress. Here is kind of where we’re at.

8:45 – wake up, nurse
10:45 – nap
12:15 – eat squash and carrots, nurse
2:15 – nap
4:15 – nurse
6:15 – nap
8:15 – yogurt and applesauce with water*
10:45 – nurse and go to bed

Everyday is different but that’s pretty much what’s happening here. I tried for some morning oatmeal and she hated eating the entire day so I quit that one.

*we’re trying out a sippy cup but true to her shark nickname, she just bites it like crazy. And now she bites me when she nurses. So we’re ditching the sippy cup for now. We’ve ordered a straw sippy cup and I’ll let you know if that works! We’ve also used a normal cup and poured it in our mouth. It’s pretty fun for us and her to watch the water fill up her bib.

Baby food containers- These are awesome! They can go in the freezer and microwave. The lids are so cool. I also bought these which are great at home. (and maybe on the go too? Idk)

Ice cube trays – I’ve been making baby food (which is actually really fun!) in the food processor and freezing it in icecube trays. I bought a few 99 cent trays at Ikea which are great for tiny portions and these ice cube trays for 1 oz portions. We got this baby food book which is great although once you start making food you don’t really have to think about it that hard.

Crib – it’s really big but Alta loves it. She rolls all over the place in it. We don’t have any crib bumpers in it. We got this mattress and these sheets which kind of suck. Fitted sheets are never fun to put on and these are extra tight. I might try making some someday.

Diaper Dekor– we just got this a few days ago. Life was fine without a special diaper garbage but now that she’s eating real food, her diapers smell way bad. So far, it’s a success and the refills last a long time.

Bumbo – We have one with a tray. She doesn’t use it a ton anymore but she liked it for awhile! Actually, this is great to take with you to someone else’s house for your baby to sit and eat! Glad ours hasn’t gone in storage yet.

That’s all I can think of for now. I spend lots of time researching stuff like everyday. How did babies/parents survive without Google??