Baby swimming

It’s pretty fun! I’ve mostly taken Alta by myself but if you go with someone else – sooo much easier. She went for the first time around 3 months – I took her to an outdoor pool for a couple of months. Then they closed the public pool so we didn’t have anywhere to go but we just joined the YMCA so we can swim again! The pool is freezing we bought a little 2T Henderson wetsuit off someone in the neighborhood. People really seem to like these Baby Warma ones though.

The main thing I would say about taking your baby swimming is that it’s a lot lot lot of work. It’s really fun but our swim time is usually 15 minutes with like an 1 hour of getting ready, showering after, etc. It makes everything easier if you only take exactly what you need. The first time going to a new pool is the hardest because you don’t know where everything is, if there are any pool rules, lockers, etc. (Maybe this only applies for NY pools which are super strict. The YMCA requires that I wear a swim cap and Alta wears one too! She has this one) Once you figure out exactly what you need, then you won’t be constantly dropping stuff and struggling to do everything with a baby in one arm and all of your stuff in the other.

iPlay Swim Diapers – these are great! The run really really small. Alta is currently wearing the X-Large and she’s only 20 lbs. She’s pretty tall though. I like that they are reusable and they also have a little strip of fabric that can soak up a tiny amount of pee that might happen when they are not in the pool. Just in case you’re not familiar with the idea – swim diapers aren’t supposed to contain any pee, just all the other stuff.

Did you know that baby’s can do this stuff? I was so surprised that Alta could do the back float by herself the first time we tried!