if, then

I realized that our life right now is basically if, then statements. Between 6ish to 9ish months, things were pretty routine (especially after we got off that crazy late night bedtime. Next baby will be going to bed around 8 or 9 at 4 months!) Alta would wake up around 8, nap from 10-12, and nap again from 2-4 (ish of course) Around 9-10 months, things started to shift. Shorter naps, harder to fall asleep. Now things roll like this:

Wake up/Breakfast: 7-7:30
Quiet time with Books/Nap: 9-10:30ish
Lunch: 11
Snack: 2:30
Nap: 2:45-4:30 (hopefully)
Bedtime: 8

Basically all day it’s

IF Alta falls asleep during quiet time, THEN she’ll nap at 2:45
but IF she doesn’t, THEN she’ll pass out after lunch.

if, then also works for food

IF Alta has raisins for breakfast, THEN no more raisins, maybe some applesauce to balance things out.

Even Dave operates as if, then statements.

IF Dave is on call, THEN maybe he’ll be home by 8 or 9


IF Dave took the subway, THEN it will take him an extra 30 minutes to get home.

Also, let’s talk about Quiet time with books. My sis-n-law does quiet time with blocks with her 2 year old and with Alta sometimes refusing a morning nap, I decided to start quiet time with books. Basically, in her crib, pacifier, sleep sack, both bunnies, and a few soft and board books that she can throw around. When she’s older, maybe she’ll actually be able to open them and read them. Right now it just wears her out and she falls asleep.