eating & drinking

Today Alta had her 1 year appt! She’s tall and skinny and the skinny is something I need to work on. Less milk, more food! This has been our progression for those interested –

Nursing until 8.5 months
At 8.5 months I felt really sore and awful and decided it was over.
We switched to formula the next day.
We did a hard switch because I was already kind of drying up anyways and I just couldn’t do it anymore.
She refused to drink the formula for an entire day. I worried about dehydration but gave her fruit like pineapple, oranges, etc with good liquid.
Next day, she drank it all day, warmed up. Kind of a pain because when you live in old houses you have to get cold water from the tap, warm it up in the microwave, then pour into the cup and stir in the formula. (all because of lead pipes)
We were doing really good with the formula and struggled to know how much to give her because she would take 8 oz if you gave her 8 oz.
But! when we did that she wouldn’t eat food! Kind of a huge step back for us.
So then we curbed the formula – 4oz with each meal (bf, lunch, dinner) and only after she had eaten some food and 5 oz before bedtime. Water for snack.
Then, at 10ish months, we switched to straight up cold milk. Wasn’t too hard of a switch and we would heat up the milk for her nighttime cup.
A few weeks ago, I attempted to ditch the soft sippy cups and go for a normal cup. Basically turned into me staring her down while she lifted the cup and her throwing it, putting her hands in it, not drinking it. I think I was a little too pressuring.
So we cut back to doing a cup only a few times a week.
Here we are at 12 months and still doing the same thing although she’s not quite as obsessed with the milk. Sometimes she’ll drink a bunch, sometimes not that much.
Our pediatrician says it’s time to ditch the sippy cups – she doesn’t need that much liquid anymore and she’ll drink when she’s thirsty so we’re going to try it! Cups and straw cups for times when we aren’t at home.

Here’s all the random crap I’ve purchased:

At 6 months, I bought these soft sippy cups. They sell them at Rite Aid and they are great. Except I hate that when you put the lid on, the spout can turn and be off with the handles. Sounds stupid but gets really annoying when your child begins crying as soon as they see the cup and you’re trying to go super fast.

So I’d say the best is the NUK Learner Cup. The spout is easier to clean and the handles turn!

She has been drinking her formula and now milk from these two different cups since 8.5 months.

We also have a few Zo-li Straw Cups that Alta has been using since about 6 months. It is so easy for them to suck the liquid up the straw and I think the best straw cup. But they are also very expensive and really hard to clean. We just use them for water, currently, but will probably have to start using them for other liquids if we totally ditch the soft sippy cups.

I WISH I had purchased one of these Doidy Cups earlier! I think Alta would have been able to drink from these a long time ago but we just got it a few weeks ago. It has little handles and is easy for her to tip and drink.

Okay, now eating. We are done with the pureed, mashed baby food! The only thing I can’t get Alta to eat right now is watermelon. Other than that, she eats or tries and throws it all! We do everything from bagels to eggs to leftover Thai food to pizza to all kinds of veggies, etc etc. I’m realizing that we are plowing through our food a lot faster and I need to go to the store more often!

We did go through a super annoying phase where Alta threw everything on the floor because it was more fun than eating. The best way (I think) to combat this is to just give them one thing at a time until they stop doing that. She did grow out of it but she does still spill her food everywhere all the time.