First 6 months in Phone pics.

My phone – first 6 months. from Grace Poulsen on Vimeo.

My phone doesn’t take high quality pictures but sadly I’ve used it to take a lot of pictures of things I’ve seen. I think phone pictures are different than camera pictures in that you just want to remember the memory. You’re not necessarily looking to scrapbook the photo or frame it but just be able to show someone or tell them the story behind it.

So here’s an overview of what I’ve seen in the past 6 months. It’s kind of long and fast at the same time and there is some loud music playing. I was trying to think of what I probably listened to the most in the past 6 months and it’s probably these two songs. There is something about getting off the subway on a Monday morning and starting up one of these songs up as you are walking up the stairs. I think they gave me some motivation for the day which sounds lame but is pretty true. Dave has some really great iphone pictures. Maybe I can get him to make a movie too?